Documents Required for Obtaining the Construction Permit

According to the Law on Construction of Mongolia, “the permit for the commencement and continuation of the construction work” or simply “the construction work permit” shall represent the decision from the competent entity approving a particular company to perform specific construction work. In order to commence and/or continue the construction work, a company is required to submit their request to the Governor of the province or city. For such purpose, the following documents shall be provided along with the application:  

  • The verified decision on the location, design drawings, technical terms of the construction;
  • The expertise of the comprehensive drawing of the construction and the conclusion of the expertise;
  • The introduction and the copies of the state registration certificate and special license of the legal entity in charge for the development of drawing;
  • The construction assessment report required for the environmental assessment in accordance with the environmental laws and regulations;
  • If covered by insurance for sudden accident and/or liability, the certificates of such insurance.

In addition to the above-stated documents, certain special licenses such as licences for architectural design, as well as the comprehensive planning for the monitoring of the construction project shall be attached to the request.

Upon the receipt of the request, the Governor of the province or city shall issue the construction permit within 10 business days and verify the permit by means of a certificate.

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