Revised Rules of Dispute Resolution Committee of the Intellectual Property Office of Mongolia Comes into Force (Part 2)

In continuation of our previous article we will continue to highlight and discuss about new regulations provided for in revised Rules of Dispute Resolution Committee (Committee).

Pursuant to new Rules chairman of the Committee shall preside hearings. In his absence a member of the Committee, who was appointed by chairman of the Committee to temporarily perform his duties, shall preside the hearings. Hearings shall be valid upon participation by majority of members of the Committee. Chairman, secretary and members of the Committee shall participate in hearings with the right to make and carry out decisions, and Head of IPOM may participate in hearings with the right to advise. In such case members of the Committee must hear out and take into consideration suggestions and comments of Head of IPOM regarding the case. Under new Rules Secretary of the Committee has new additional duties, such as coordinating internal affairs of the Committee, taking preparation measures for hearings, and keeping records of hearings.

Pursuant to old Rules the Committee issued two types of decisions: conclusion and resolution. Under new Rules the Committee shall issue only resolution. Issued resolution shall be delivered to Head of IPOM within 7 days from date of issuance, and Head of IPOM shall approve the resolution with his/her order within 3 days. If Head of IPOM deems that there are no grounds to approve the resolution, he/she will send an explanation to the Committee in writing. The Committee shall discuss such explanation at hearing and carry out one of following decisions: if agrees with such explanation – shall revise/amend the resolution, if disagrees with such explanation – shall re-deliver the resolution as is to Head of IPOM for approval. The resolution shall come into force when chairman of the Committee reads it out at hearing.

New Rules include new regulations, such as competence and rights of the Committee, rights and duties of participants of dispute resolution case, grounds to challenge a member(s) of the Committee from dispute resolution case. In case if a member(s) of the Committee is challenged and due to this the hearing becomes invalid, Head of IPOM shall appoint new members of Committee to resolve such specific case.

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