Mongolia Government Debates Amendments to Labor Law

Mongolia Government Debates Amendments to Labor Law

In a recent meeting, the Mongolian government endorsed a set of draft amendments to the Labor Law. The planned amendments would clarify an employer’s responsibilities to employees, improve payroll regulation and systems, decrease time required to resolve labor disputes in court, and establish regulations for mining workers who often work long distances from home.  

At the same time, the Cabinet indicated its approval of the National Program on Children Protection and Development, which aims to resolve issues connected to abuse and social inequality and the effects on child development. 

The government also agreed on an order to provide additional state funds to support oversight of mining exploration processes and provide residents with relevant information regarding nearby exploration.  

Meanwhile, the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) met on Wednesday this week and agreed to set a conference on Monday September 25 to decide on the appointment of a new Prime Minister.  

In a related measure, the IMF has decided to postpone its internal deliberations as to whether or not to extend additional funding for Mongolia, pending appointment of a new Prime Minister.

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