Edward Lehman and LEHMAN, LEE & XU LEGAL ISSUES concerning CHINA Consumer Market: Interpreting Proactively China Laws Regulations and Policies Issues Concerning E-Commerce and China E-Marketing Master Class, Beijing China

Edward Lehman and LEHMAN, LEE & XU LEGAL ISSUES concerning CHINA Consumer Market: Interpreting Proactively China Laws Regulations and Policies Issues Concerning E-Commerce and China E-Marketing Master Class, Beijing China

Edward Lehman 25+ Year “China Hand” and LEHMAN, LEE & XU China Lawyers E-Commerce Group’s Objective of this China Law Course

China has undergone the greatest economic development in the history of the world. The “middle class’ and online community has been estimated up to 300 million persons in China (that is the entire population of the USA). The race is on for the Chinese online consumer. E-commence is strictly controlled by the Chinese regulatory authorities. Chinese language and mainland China E-Commerce issues concerning the online media has become one of the most important issues of advertising and promotion in the e-commerce industry worldwide. Chinese consumer opinion and experience are extensively shared and spread out through the rapid growth of social media in China and worldwide, even with the “Great firewall of China” firmly in-place, blocking sites like Facebook, Twitter and other sites. In Greater China, the ecosystem of online media is very complicated with very different players compared to the Western World.

Edward Lehman a well known “China hand’, founding Governor AmCham Shanghai and a former elected Governor of AmCham China, is Managing Director of LEHMAN, LEE & XU China lawyers for the past 20+ consecutive years is an experienced legal professional that has worked in mainland China for the past 25+ consecutive years and a legal expert on Chinese intellectual property, China advertising, China IT issues and in China e-Marketing issues which are strictly governed under China, laws, regulations and policies concerning advertising, use of simplified Chinese characters (over complex characters), and e-commerce, is going to introduce to attendees a pro-active winning business and legal strategies concerning the E-Commerce China Market and advertising in mainland China via E-commerce. Edward Lehman and the LEHMAN, LEE & XU China Lawyers E-Commerce Practice Group will discuss with mainland China case studies China regarding the proactive strategy in legal checklist, planning and measuring success of Online Marketing under the Chinese legal framework and Internet Advertising under Chinese advertising laws specifically for mainland China while conforming with all required China Advertising laws, policies and regulations, and China e-commerce laws policies and regulations. In this LEHMAN, LEE & XU China Lawyers featuring Edward Lehman as lecturer of this unique course, attendees will learn:

  • Introduction: What on the Internet is going on under China Laws, Policies and Regulations, what is the China E-commerce baseline-case studies
    • What can we learn from case studies, Taobao, Sina, Sohu, Youku, Tudou?
    • Who are the key players in mainland China how are they organized VIE’s, yes or no?
    • What should we look for the coming trend in mainland China regarding legal structures, IP, licensing agreements, management agreements, VIE’s and royalty agreements?
  • Winning the China Market: How to generate Sales?
    • Winning on TaoBao – No.1 shopping site
    • What are the Critical Success Factors?
  • How to define the legalities of e-Marketing Campaigns in mainland China?
    • Are you registering all you intellectual property properly and getting IP granted offshore, to secure Brand ownership BEFORE you create Brand Awareness?
    • Selling “safely” through online media legally under Chinese laws, policies and regulations
    • China customer Database building rules on privacy in China
  • Online China PR under Chinese laws, regulations and policies and China Branding (what is permissible under IP laws and advertising laws: Are you really protected?
    • What is a “well known brand” under Chinese IP laws?
    • How to be integrate China online-offline campaigns and what are the issues concerning China based “ambush marketing”?
  • China Social Media: Viral Marketing?
    • China Social Media: Can one be “Viral” under Chinese laws, regulations and policies?

LEHMAN, LEE & XU China Lawyers Master Class Target Audience

  1. Lehman, Lee & Xu clients
  2. Chinese and foreign invested enterprises with a company size over 50 people and above
  3. China based and those businesses NOT YET in China that wish to sell to mainland China Consumer Goods/Retail Industry.
  4. China and Foreign Marketing Managers, China & Foreign Public Relation Managers

Language Medium: Chinese (Putonghua) & English
Limited Seats: 30 people, Priority for LEHMAN, LEE & XU China Lawyers Clients
Duration: 8.30am to 11am (breakfast provided)
Cost: RMB $2,000 per person

LEHMAN, LEE & XU China Lawyers is a leading China Corporate Commercial Law Firm. LEHMAN, LEE & XU China Lawyers is the 8th private law firm established in the People’s Republic of China founded in 1992 and this year celebrates its’ 20th anniversary as an award winning local Chinese law firm. Edward Lehman has been resident and working as a legal professional in mainland China for the past 25 consecutive years. Edward Lehman is the founder of LehmanBrown International Accountants (2001) see www.lehmanbrown.biz Edward Lehman is the legal affairs commentator to China Central Television and is the longest serving managing director of any law firm in mainland China (20 years).

Date: October 11, 2012

Place: China Ministry of Foreign Affairs Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Compound 10-2,

22 Dong Fang Dong Lu, LEHMAN, LEE & XU China Lawyers Building

Cost: 3500 RMB includes hand-outs and case studies in Chinese and English

Time: 8.30am to 11.30am (coffee, tea and breakfast included)

Attendees limited to 30 with priority to LEHMAN, LEE & XU China Lawyers’ clients

To reserve send to Edward Lehman email elehman@lehmanlaw.com

For more information on LEHMAN, LEE & XU China Lawyers seewww.lehmanlaw.com

For more information on LehmanBrown International Accountants seewww.lehmanbrown.biz

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