Edward LEHMAN Joins Asia Association of Environmental Professionals

Edward LEHMAN Joins Asia Association of Environmental Professionals

Mr. Edward LEHMAN has been appointed General Counsel of the Asia Association of Environmental Professionals (AAEP). Edward is pleased for the opportunity to cooperate with the AAEP in support of its mission to provide networking opportunities and problem-solving platforms for professionals in environmentally focused positions throughout Asia.

Mr. LEHMAN’s name was put forward for the position as one of the most experienced Environmental Law legal professionals in China. China has increasingly become the center of environmental law issues in Asia. The Chinese population has continued to place growing importance on the environment and environmental law issues as the economy develops, and the government in recent years has passed new environmental protection laws which increase requirements on companies to safeguard the environment and give Chinese prosecutors greater ability to prosecute those who cause damage to the natural world.

Edward LEHMAN (雷曼律师法学博士) is an American lawyer living and working in China as a legal professional for over 30 years, specializing in China corporate and environmental law. Mr. Lehman is Managing Director of LEHMAN, Lee & Xu, a Chinese law firm which he founded in 1992. Edward is the only private-practice lawyer in China recognized by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA, in Chinese 国家外国专家局). He also serves as a Fellow at the China Academy of Social Sciences (CASS, in Chinese 中国社会科学院) a Central Government think tank directed by the State Council. He is also legal affairs commentator for China’s CGTN (中央电视台) news network.

In his time as a legal professional in China, Mr. LEHMAN has advised foreign companies as regards legal and practical considerations of operational and environmental compliance. Mr. LEHMAN is an acknowledged legal expert in China environmental law, and has assisted multinational companies operating in China, SME’s, and several well-known NGOs, including those devoted to environmental issues.

In his new role with AAEP, Edward will serve as General Counsel of AAEP as well as head of the “The Legal Committee” which analyzes, disseminates, and advocates legal issues for the broader AAEP community throughout the Asia-Pacific regions.

AAEP is a Hong Kong based non-profit, multi-discipline organization providing a forum for the discussion of the latest developments in environmental regulation, control technologies, and business opportunities in the environmental field. The organization’s current membership includes more than 30,000 scientists, academics, business managers, consultants, activists, attorneys, and governmental officials from across Asia.