Customs, Import and Export

Customs, Import and Export

LehmanLaw Mongolia offers a robust practice advising as to Import and Export of all kinds of products as well as representation before Mongolia Customs.

Our Mongolia lawyers advise as to product import for the full range of products and materials including consumer goods, agricultural and processes foods, industrial products, and equipment, oil and gas products, and raw materials. We advise international companies as regards import of potentially hazardous materials and assist with obtaining required licenses and approvals from Customs.

We advise as to product export and customs clearance for domestically produced raw materials and manufactured products. We assist with export of agricultural and dairy products, as well as commodities generated from extensive Mongolian mining operations.

Where problems are encountered with Mongolian Customs our Mongolian lawyers advise as to appropriate procedures for having import and export shipments approved where possible or released in a timely manner if required. We have worked with Customs to reduce potential fines for clients where import regulations have been inadvertently violated.

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