Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Understanding your business partner is the foundation of any deal. LehmanLaw Mongolia’s experienced Mongolian lawyers have assisted with Due Diligence investigations in support of Foreign Investment in variety of contexts. We know what information is important and we know how to find it in Mongolia’s complex and changing regulatory environment.

As part of the due diligence process we can investigate and confirm corporate governance documents of a target, its ownership and management, key personnel, its and business activities. We can perform investigation with local courts to identify any litigation the target company is involved with. We regularly perform checks with local governmental bodies to confirm the legal status of real estate, and movable properties.

Our Mongolian lawyers performed due diligence as to the largest mining operation in Mongolia in support of the consortium of international lenders in the process of financing an expansion of the project.

LehmanLaw Mongolia undertakes due diligence exercise of business, legal and financial affairs of corporate bodies and helps clients to assess business proposals, identify possible legal problems, thus help clients in taking informed corporate decisions. It is a requirement to know about the risks and opportunities of your potential investment. We help you ensure that the right steps are taken to turn your investment into value after signing and closing.

LehmanLaw Mongolia will prepare a complete Due Diligence Report to your specifications which will cover your business partner, analysis of the cooperation process, uncovering of the target company’s strong and weak points, relevant risks and advantages in connection with the transaction, Comprehensive legal due diligence of your partner including the specific business transaction and inform you what you can expect while entering into such contract.

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